Hard to let go

If I failed training for my job, I wouldn't get to keep it. Even more so if I constantly lost my temper with the people I worked for and with.

And I don't even carry a badge and a gun, like Brent Whan.

From the News-Sentinel report:

That event was followed by an apparent example of road rage while Whan and Baker were responding to an officer-assist call. Baker said Whan encountered motorists and pedestrians “in his way” while responding to the call, and he let out a profanity-laced tirade during what Baker described as a bout of “fiery anger.”

That shift closed with a traffic stop that Baker said was as bad as bad could be. Whan and Baker pulled a woman over for an undisclosed violation, and the woman was reportedly highly uncooperative with Whan. That made Whan's tactics and demeanor worse, Baker said. Baker said the stop got so bad that he was forced to let the woman drive off while he sat Whan down to discuss his issues.
If this isn't a roadside TASERing or shooting waiting to happen, I don't know what is.

And from the Journal-Gazette:
[Whan] received a three-day unpaid suspension in March for violating the county’s sexual harassment policy, improper conduct and immoral conduct.
Not really helping there.

I'd have to say it's a no-brainer to support Sheriff Fries in letting Whan go. Just because someone's in law enforcement shouldn't mean they have any greater right to keep their job than anyone else.

[Late EDIT] Deputy loses badge over anger problems - Leading to Sheriff overhauls applicant psych test


mepsipax said...

Oh but that's not how they think. Oh he is a cop, he should keep his job. He does a good thing for the community.... blah blah blah

Anonymous said...

"Whatever" for that comment from mepsipax. Knowing Whan personally, a bunch of his coworkers didn't go to back him up because of everything he did. Both what was recorded and what never made it that far. They know he's a risk they don't want just as much as the public. I applaud Baker and the Sheriff for taking a stand and not letting a "good ol' boy" slide by. Not all cops are bad, just a few that make all look that way. Some of us are in it for the right reasons.

Eric S. said...

Not all cops are bad, it's just that their all in a brotherhood and the good one's will almost always (Baker being an exception) stand up for the bad ones.

Eric S. said...

I suck at the grammerz