Security Theater: Revenge Of The Cell

From the Journal-Gazette, Seizure of cell phone challenged:

A Fort Wayne man filed paperwork Tuesday stating that his cell phone was seized illegally by court security in an Allen County court building.

According to court documents, Richard L. Snider has asked that his phone not be destroyed until he has a chance to present evidence supporting his case.

I think it's great someone is standing up to this bit of security theater now playing here in town. I can see not allowing cell phone use in the actual court as it's disruptive; but to outright ban even their presence and confiscate and destroy them is going too far.

Besides, if someone is dumb enough not to get pictures/video of people outside the building after they leave and instead tries it inside where they can get caught, isn't that better?

I get something of a "Respect My Authoritah!" vibe off this whole thing, anyway.

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