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Unsurprisingly, Pogan gets no real punishment

A former city police officer will not spend any time in jail after being sentenced to conditional discharge today for lying about a run-in with a cyclist.
Apparently there is no punishment for lying under the color of law, even if not getting caught would have cost the victim thousands in defense costs, prison time and left the victim with a felony record.

Take it, NY Daily News:

"The defendant doesn't need any further supervision by the court and the verdict is conditional discharge, period," said Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Maxwell Wiley.

The judge was swayed by some 180 letters in support of Pogan, detailing his long history of public service.
It was a long ten days he was a cop, I guess.
The sentence was even lighter than what the defense, which expected community service, had asked for.


Pogan thanked the police union and his lawyer as he left court.
As well he'd better.

Another win for the fictional "higher standard."


Pogan sentencing, delayed

Sentencing was originally scheduled for yesterday, but eTrack WebCrims tells me it's now up for July 14th:

Last Appearance: 06/23/2010 --- Information updated
Part: 42,
Judge: Wiley, M
Calendar Section: SENTENCES --- Information updated
Arraignment / Hearing Type: Sentencing --- Information updated
Court Reporter: Canella, D Urgo, P --- Information updated
Outcome / Release Status: Adjourned For Sentencing / Released on Recognizance --- Information updated

Next Appearance: 07/14/2010 --- Information updated
Part: 42,
Judge: Wiley, M
Calendar Section: SENTENCES
Arraignment / Hearing Type: Sentencing --- Information updated


LAPD update

Update on LAPD bike kickers:

Four LAPD officers accused of clashing with bicyclists are relieved of field duty
via Tucson Bike Lawyer

Claim filed against city over LAPD bicycle incident see on YouTube via laist

Where we get to see the cyclist that recorded the incident on his now-smashed iPhone.

From the claim:

Shortly after capturing an image of an LAPD officer kicking at the tire of a cyclist, Mr. Gallegos was chased down by LAPD officers, who tackled him, dragged him off his bicycle and proceeded to beat and kick him. During the course of the beating, one as of yet unknown LAPD officer stomped and kicked Mr. Gallegos' phone in what is believed to be an attempt to destroy evidence of the unlawful conduct of the LAPD officers.

After being beaten, Mr. Gallegos was then handcuffed and detained by the LAPD officers for approximately 45 minutes. In what is believed to be a further effort to conceal their unlawful conduct, the LAPD officers then issued Mr. Gallegos a traffic citation containing false and fabricated violations of the California Vehicle Code.

Good to know that an iPhone has a good chance of keeping the video data intact even after a good attempted evidence-destroying stomp.

Maybe the officers involved are getting the idea that cameras are the new guns*, or they've stopped by Photography is Not a Crime by now.

(Hint: damn right they are, keep shooting.)

Even Techdirt is getting in on this.

*Admittedly, I'm kind of surprised to see this one out of Gizmodo.


LAPD learned nothing from Patrick Pogan, I guess

No, the lesson wasn't "quick kick instead of body-check" nor was it "just don't blatantly lie on a police report." This was an anti-BP ride though, maybe someone the cop knows works for BP. Or he's pro-oil-spill.


Well, you're not a good one, AWB

AWB likes to delete comments that hit a little too close to home, I guess. Here's what I had to say to that:

"I could have broke the story some time ago, and I choose not to."

You either had a solid story you chose to spike, or you didn't have a solid story which makes this post somewhat meaningless.

One or the other.

If you write and publish stories you do journalism. It doesn't matter if you have an editor or if you edit yourself. "Blogger" is only a reference to the medium you work in.

Really, not even that harsh a commentary.

Sorry pal, you don't get to have it both ways. But I'll give you this: you're not a journalist in the end. You kept your mouth shut for your buddy Souder. You put your loyalty to him and your political party before your readers. Don't try to play it off like you had to make some sort of principled stand and you're some sort of hero for not giving info to the media, which you now claim not to be a part of.

Of course, if he's not a part of the media and not a journalist, it might be a good case for him to give up the www.fortwaynenews.com domain, and @ftwaynenews Twitter.

Originally posted in my Tumblr.


Bike Summit tomorrow

Press release:


Free event features workshops, keynote speaker, vendor expo, bike rides

Fort Wayne, Ind. – The City of Fort Wayne invites cyclists to Saturday’s second annual bike summit at the Allen County Public Library downtown.

The summit’s keynote speaker, Randy Neufeld, will start at 9 a.m. He is a Chicago-area cycling advocate and SRAM Cycling Fund director. He will present examples from other cities that have had success in increasing bicycle use and offer solutions for expanding cycling opportunities here in Fort Wayne. Neufeld is coming courtesy of Summit City Bicycles and Fitness and Trek Bicycles.

Following Neufeld's presentation, participants can choose from four workshops offered in two 45-minute breakout sessions at starting at 10:25 and 11:15 that morning. The workshops will cover bikes as transportation, sharing the road for drivers and bicyclists, grassroots advocacy and details about Fort Wayne Trails and Bike Fort Wayne. Workshop sponsors are the Ronald G. Repka Foundation Inc., Fort Wayne Outfitters and Bike Depot, Carson Boxberger Attorneys and the Downtown Improvement District.

A free vendor exhibit open to summit attendees and library patrons will be in the library’s Great Hall from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Additional summit sponsors are the Fort Wayne/Allen County Convention and Visitors Bureau and Engineering Resources Inc.

Summit attendees can participate in as much or as little of the summit as they choose. Due to limited capacity at the library, the summit will be first come, first served.

3 Rivers Velo Sport, a local bicycle club, will offer three free bike rides following the summit, starting from the east plaza at the library.

A 30-minute downtown ride will start at 12:30. A longer casual ride featuring parks, the Rivergreenway and low-traffic streets will start at 1 p.m. For more experienced riders, 3RVS will also lead an out-and-back 45-mile road ride to Columbia City starting from the library at 1 p.m.

The club requires all riders to wear helmets and anyone younger than 16 needs to be accompanied by an adult.

Anyone attending the summit will receive a free “Ride Your Drive” t-shirt.

With input from the public, including information gathered during last year’s summit and from the 4,000-plus responses to the 2008 bike-use survey, the City’s planning department has drafted the Bike Fort Wayne plan. It is proposed as an amendment to Plan-it Allen, the joint City-County comprehensive land-use and development plan. For more information about the bike plan, visit http://www.cityoffortwayne.org/bike-home.html.

Be sure to show up, especially if you care about counteracting the 3RVS roadie influence/people who drive more miles with a bike on their car/SUV's bike rack than actually ride the bike.

On a slightly related note... Growing Resistance to Helmet Laws? via Copenhagenize. I'll just leave that right there.


OK, I'm shocked


The officer, Patrick Pogan, 24, who has since resigned from the Police Department, was found guilty of one count of offering a false instrument for filing; he was acquitted of assault.
Not sure how he dodged the assault, but never mind, the false filing was the charge that carries up to four years.

Now we just have to wait and see if he actually serves any time for nearly screwing up someone's life.


Let's drag this out some more

And now we have a sick juror.

Deliberations resumed at 12:30 p.m. after being put on hold all morning after the husband of Juror No. 9, called in to say she was sick with a fever and strep throat.

The delay was compounded when court officers could not then reach the juror herself by telephone -- to determine the extent of her illness -- because she was home, sound asleep, said Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Maxwell Wiley.

"She's an older woman, so it sounds like we'll be missing [her] for an indeterminate amount of time," the judge said.

An alternate has been subbed in, and the jury was instructed to start deliberations over from the beginning. The jury had deliberated five hours after getting the case yesterday.

I'll still be shocked if the jury has the guts to hand down a conviction. And remember, it's come out that Pogan wisely (likely followed the advice of his superiors/friends and) resigned before being fired.

Bike-push cop Patrick Pogan -- charged with shoving and then framing a Critical Mass cyclist for arrest -- would "seriously consider" rejoining the NYPD if he's acquitted, said his lawyer, as a Manhattan Supreme Court jury goes into Day 2 of deliberations today.

Pogan resigned before being fired after his indictment 18 months ago in the notorious Times Square cyclist take-down.

The ex-cop remains "cautiously optimistic" of his chances of acquittal, said the lawyer, Stuart London.

Have to keep that "gypsy cop" option open, even if he doesn't get an acquittal.